Life..choices…and self gratification.pursuit of pleasure..can lead us to pain



Life provides us with a multitude of ways in which we can seek gratification through pleasure. I am sure that everyone can recall at least one occassion where a certain desire or void was filled by it. Sometimes though, the pleasure is short-lived and once it is gone.. pain or emptiness surfaces. This simply means that the avoidance of pain, is not entirely possible. Pleasure can lead us to pain.

No single soul will ever be able to be truly ‘gratified’ through the fulfillment of pleasure, as I have said before.. nothing is really of permanence. I suppose that is how the human experience is. We love even though it may not last for an eternity or even a lifetime. We satisfy our basic, physiological needs only to have to satisfy them again the next day. We long for the physical, to be touched and to be able to feel warmth and yet again once that warmth dissipates we again look for what provided us with it in the beginning…that being said do not spend your life in the avoidance of pain and not experience the wonderful scary potential of pleasure in our lives.

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