Women..love passion and they love dominant men who are passionate



Women love passion, and they love being around dominant men who are passionate.My Master is a passionate dominant. He makes loving me fun. As my Dominant he is adventurous and highly sensual. That’s why I and so many other women are attracted to him. The D/ is passionate about what they are and about what they possess; it is a passion so strong; reaching beyond the realms of the meta-physical; they are sexually stimulating both mentally and physically past the point of physical arousal; processing the power of mental sexual arousal.

The Master’s power exists in that of the heart and mind. With his power, he controls the art of deep rapport, the power of attraction and is an expert at seduction; removing inhibition and sexual resistance effortlessly without objection.

The Master is her greatest lover; sexually stimulating her mentally and physically during sex. The Master discovers positions to make her cum fast. He takes advantage of sensual pillow talk, he maneuvers his hands, tells her how to go down on him; each proven to makes her cum over and over again during sex. When the dominant’s strategy is executed properly she will orgasm at any time.

He makes domination not about achieving his end pleasure results; domination is, and has to be defined; it is about the strategy, execution and delivery of her; accomplishing the task of the art of sensual seduction and completing the benevolent female pleasure of orgasm. 

When he is not present with her the Dominate will escalate her mentally; instantly arousing her in a matter of seconds with proper erotic talk to get her soaking wet with his voice and her fingers. Using his power and only his voice he speaks to her arousing her with his kisses, he whispers of her neck line, tells of her breast and the nipple, he commands to her what clothing to remove; her shirt, bra or her panties and she does not resist.

Women who are submissive are naturally and gravitate to the one who is the leader or one who can dominate her reality; therefore by having a strong dominate imagery eases her into your reality. Being dominated is also a huge turn on to women.

Dominant’s who are strong in their convictions about sexuality encourage the release of sexual energy deepfrom within; preventing her from being inside her head. His conviction allows her to be focused on the positive feelings and emotions he has created; a passion invoking emotion.

The Master or dominant maintains a character that is the same for all people who are passionate in that they desire and live in their moments and desire others to followtheir hearts. Each of us live to have exciting lives with fun and plenty of adventure. The attractive traits of my Master align with my identity and who I am. I am a mirror to him. He explores my traits that are of value to him creating the control to be a part of my reality. Thus our passions are synchronized creating the human elements of nitrogen and oxygen to formulate the chemistry of love and passions of our heart.

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