I am woman and on the net…respect me or fuck off..



I am a woman.

I am on the net.


I am beautiful, intelligent, witty, charming, seductive, pure, driven, virtuous, entertaining, and graceful. I am your sister, your daughter, your best friend, your wife, your mother, your girlfriend, your lover. I am no one simply because you do not know me by face and voice, but I am everyone by potential. Your fantasies, your dreams, your aspirations, your competition, your enemy, your teacher, your student. I am all or none. And I deserve better than this.


Until I say otherwise I am not a tool for your sexual fantasies. I am not here simply to make you feel attractive as you sit at your computer screen and type lewd suggestions. I am a woman. A person. Not a living breathing cyber-blow-up doll. And I resent that you would reduce me to such an object. Treat me as you would any stranger. Assume nothing, ask politely. Do not think I am here simply for your dreams, any more than I would relegate you to mine.


I believe the internet is a wonderful thing, a tool, a toy, a mystery and child’s play. I love the power it gives me. I can gain a voice here which is defined only as I wish it to be. I can be a man a woman a boy black white green it matters not. This space is mine as I create it. And this empowers me more than 50 pairs of high heels, more than a leather briefcase or a stethoscope ever will. Here I am free to be the person I want to be. The person our society will not let me be simply because I am a woman. Do not tread on this because I will fight you to the bitter end. This space is precious. Every time you press unwanted sexual advanced, comments, pictures, letters, or simply derogatory material upon me you defile a little portion of this space. And you attempt to destroy me and the beauty of my voice, my soul as expressed by a few megs of random data. And having found my voice, I refuse to bow down ever again.


I refuse. And realize that your harmless jokes, your attempts to cull the available from the non-interested with greetings such as “lick lick” are horrific and ugly. They take my attempt to find beauty in this world within my self, and to explore this, and show it off for all the world to see (for I am proud of who I find myself to be) and soil and trample on it.


I see myself as beautiful, like a bride on her wedding day. You turn me into the whore shooting up in the alleyway. You take the anonymity that allows me to be beautiful and use it as a tool to humiliate and degrade. And I refuse to let you do this to my sisters. I refuse to allow you to do this in silence. If you cannot respect me as you would any human being, then at least see how you degrade me and my dreams.


And realize that We as Women and as part of the community defined by the net, abhor this, and look forward to a day when this wonderful thing can be used to eliminate the differences between men and women, races and nations.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. You abuse it, I will grow from it.

2 thoughts on “I am woman and on the net…respect me or fuck off..

  1. Yes, very well said, now having said that, some men face the contradiction of pure, unbridled attraction, the bumbling idiocy of amazement of such beautiful forms, and while they are being honest in the surprise that overtakes them, it is a knife that stabs them when they realize they are perceived as being bad, wrong, or ugly. It stabs them in the heart, and they gasp, and some in defense of themselves become protective of their innocence.

    I choose to shut-the-f*ck up because I am no longer the young man, who used to look like Julio Iglesias and had no problem attracting women, which saddens me because while I realize that I was attracted to beautiful women, that women now are probably not attracted to me for the same reasons.

    I am merely an observer in a world for which I am no longer relevant, but my heart is still intact and I am more beautiful inside than I have ever been.

    And so while I see your point, you seem to be acting from a position of power, perhaps in the prime of your physical life, and it saddens me.

    I understand it when the middle-aged woman flirts with me, and perhaps she is just a little older or even my age, but she’s not attractive to me and my immediate response is one of trying to set her straight and I know it cuts into her, because my body language cannot lie.

    And I do realize that this is my lesson at the end of my life in that how I look is a fleeting circumstance, where I am asked of god or the spirit to both see the beauty in myself and to also see the beauty in someone, who finds me interesting.

    Sex is one thing, but kindness is another. May I suggest that you don’t take yourself too seriously. In time, what makes you attractive on the outside will be replaced by the beauty within, if there is any. That beauty keeps me quiet and I take my place in the park, on the bench, in the sunshine, and I know when I am not allowed to look, and there are times when I am not sure.

    We change from the outside and we change within.

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