if you want to love a man


If you want to love a man throw out everything you thought you knew approach him softly and slowly like you’re innocent and brand new open your heart and believe that its true If you want to love a man be by his side look with softness in his eyes if the eyes meet he will soften and let you in listen to his breathing and listen to his heart and he will show you his in time Hold his hand a man’s hands connect to his heart caress him with your softness and likely he will not wish to part do not deceive him with false praise because of that he will distrust and will quickly tire share with him your dreams and he, you may inspire Take the time to feel his pain and to understand his sadness if that can be shared it will multiply his gladness and in time his heart may learn to smile brand new and quite possibly true He’ll smile most when he thinks of you Don’t be afraid to let him see the part of you that’s still a little girl because if you do so his true emotions he will begin to unfurl and then you’ll more see his heart the heart of your man and love will feel free and not bound by a plan If you dream of marriage keep it to yourself a man wants to be seen and loved and cherished for himself and not regarded as a thing or suspect you’re seeking a ring if so, you may be relegated to just a fling because a man is not quick to trust he needs to know your sincere Be his buddy and be his friend if he’s troubled help him to mend If he’s sweating wipe his brow If he’s plowing help guide his plow and if he ever should show you a tear tell him you’re by his side let him feel your warmth near Inspire him to be also a boy because that brings joy and if you want love to grow let him know, let your love show Share with him all that is in your heart you don’t think it possible but he will understand if he’s meant to be your man The best and lasting couples are also best friends and if love grows slowly and is nurtured and cherished it never ends 

James T. Adair

7 thoughts on “if you want to love a man

  1. Your words are great wisdom. Goes both ways. When love and touch become regular and cold. It will fade away. You must always seek new way to spark emotion and want. Thank you for your wise thoughts.

  2. i remember the picture and felt your hand under my chin……my god its been so many years yet you are still that man that i listen to and find so much of my life in your words….. i will always be …….your rain…..even when the sun is shining…..or the snow is falling….. you are a very special man and i hope everyone that reads this blog or meets you…..knows that….. i am off to face the world….i have no dragons to slay today…..but i do have my mind that wont stop thinking of oh so many things….perhaps earmuffs and a gag are in order …LOL

  3. so wonderous my rain..this is the price I pay when I allow myself to speak with an open and non judgemental heart and mind..some will love..some will never understand the man behind the words..others will ignore me..some who I love but will never “truly love ” in that way will internalize the words and perhaps find some sort of meaning..solace..hope..peace in what I leave her..and even the smallest of words may hurt us..devastate us..but then they might even I hope..save us..that is the guiding principle of why I spend quiet reflective time here..not often since time is a premium for me as it is with you and all of you whol stop by..so thank you for sharing that precious gift..of your time perusing my humble offering.. PS I would vote for a gag..but that is just me..lol Sir Erospainter

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