the simplicity of candy qnd childhood




If you are like me, some of your fondest childhood memories are related to candy and the candy store. The candy types I am thinking of are now referred to as nostalgic candy, because they were from a time period so long ago. For you, that time would probably be from the 60s on. Due to my age, I am thinking of the 30s and 40s. Although some of my childhood favorites are no longer made, surprisingly, many kinds are still available. but are very hard to find at the store. A lot of brands of nostalgic candy for kids are still available on line. I would certainly want to buy these candies for my kids.

My first candy memory is related to a traumatic event which happened when I was six. I climbed the side of the house..thinking I was Batman and let go of my bat rope..and  hit my head on the edge of our concrete patio, causing a small cut. I remember riding in the car with a washcloth held on my forehead to stop the bleeding. Being sixe I was crying quite vociferously during the whole procedure. After closing the wound with two stitches, our old family doctor gave me some Bit of Honey and a Pez Dispenser… You might think that since they were associated with a traumatic event, I might not have liked them later, but I have liked them ever since.


I miss the simplicity of youth..I miss the candies that are no longer good for me..but evoke wonderful childhood memories.

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