we are tired of it..


We are tired of it. We are just plain sick and tired of it. Why should we slave and suffer and waste our lives trying to please you? We are done smiling and pretending that we eat like birds just because you say normal people do. We are fed up with dieting and suffering in gyms because you think we should look like you. We are fed up to here with you and your impossible standards. Who put you in charge of standards anyway?
We’ve had enough! No more of your fat-free and low-carb and grapefruit/papaya/generic fad diets, no more hypnosis and stomach stapling, no more herbal combinations that skinnies say will kill your appetite but only make you fart, we are sick of them! And you want to know what? More than anything we’re sick of always feeling guilty; guilty and embarrassed and soiled.
What exactly have we done that you’ve made us so ashamed of? What is it that you want us to give up?
Being who we are.
Look at you in your skimpy muscle shirts and your stonewashed Levi’s, 29-32, where 32 is the length of the legs. Go ahead, flaunt those numerals on your mingy narrow ass. Look into your vanity and your intense stupidity. Do you get it yet? You see us smiling and this is how you deceive yourselves, “Oh, but fat people are easygoing, they’re all so sweet and good-natured.”
Well, you are wrong.
We are done begging for your approval. We are through smiling and we have quit dissembling, so beware.
The tide has turned.
… Whose idea was it anyway, that all good people are shaped the same? Who ordained that, male and female, everybody has to be combed and fluffed and groomed and turned out in outfits you approve? Who decreed that everybody has to be thin and only the thin are fit to pass judgment on anybody who doesn’t fit, everybody some homogenized variation on supermodel wonderful? That is, everybody except us? We’ve seen the way you look at us. We’ve seen you staring in supermarkets and ice cream parlors and fast-food places, we’ve seen your sanctimonious disgust and we have heard your snickers as we pass. We know what you’re thinking as we place our orders: You’re going to eat that? Like it makes any difference to you, with your bony shanks and your thin, judgmental mouths. If you don’t want to see us whooping it up at Sixty-Nine Flavors at the county fair with our fried Onion Blossom and our mouths powdery from fried dough, that’s your problem, but not for long.
You think we can’t hear what you’re saying but we do. We hear it and we remember and believe us, we are pissed, because in a different world that would be you getting red in the face and all sweaty with anxiety because you don’t meet our demands. That would be you smiling and begging for approval. That would be you dancing the unhappy dance while at your backs we poked each other and laughed.
Well, get this.
We were born this way, most of us, and if you don’t like it then it’s damn well time for us to ask, not, what are we doing wrong, but what’s the matter with you?
Who exactly decided that wonderful was shaped like you instead of us? Forget what you see in the ads and on the holos that come into your living rooms, never mind the narrow-ass-ted models parading on your giant plasma screens, that isn’t real, and if you think everybody has to look like that, then neither are you. Listen. We didn’t get the way we are on purpose, to offend you, and we are the way we are and we can’t fucking help it so watch out.
We’re not going to take it anymore.
–Kit Reed, Thinner Than Thou

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