the best things dont come free





The best things don’t come for free, nothing does. If there’s one thing I learned in school it was in an Economics class with a Russian Professor named ‘Sergei’.. that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch.’ To get that free lunch there is an opportunity cost, something has to be forgone for you to get it. It could be time, time you could have spent getting something else done or it could have been the opportunity to have a more enjoyable lunch, but at a price paid.

There will always be opportunities open for our taking, but the decision to go for it lies in the cost of other opportunities. The difficulty is in trying to weigh the two when there is no nominal value in which the two can be compared. So we have two opportunities, we take a chance and choose one.. .whether it was the right choice, we won’t know and we may never know. Just remember though.. there was a cost, even if it was for ‘free.’

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