Pretty legs..common sense..women and the art of getting the Man of your Dreams


Personality, pretty legs, common sense, or conniving – you can’t get a man that way either. A new hairdo won’t get a man. An old pair of blue jeans won’t get him either. (If they are tight they might get him temporarily). You can’t get him by being good in bed (although it too might get him temporarily), by batting your eyelashes, puckering your lips, or preparing the world’s best bouillabaisse. Being tricky will do you no good. Being tender won’t either. You can be sweet or sour, play hard to get or pant like an over-anxious pup. You can have an unsightly pimple or be porcelain-skinned, share his interest in old cars, iron his shirt, scream, shout, coo, cuddle, be as mercurial as the Mad Hatter or as serene as a ship under sail. Makes no difference. You can’t get a man.
      The reason you can’t get a man is quite simple, and it’s something your supporters won’t tell you. You can’t get a man because a man has to get you. And 999 times out of 1,000, a man is not in an acquiring mood. Unfortunate maybe, but that’s the way it is. You see it’s a big world out there, and there are lots of women for men to love. Not to mention that there has been propaganda to the effect that love today is free….



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