married women and other men



Sometimes when no gods exist to believe in we invent one so that we may have one in which to believe.


Women need men to believe in because that’s how they’ve been raised, and when they no longer believe in the one they’ve got they feel abandoned and terribly in need. In a society that says you are not important unless some man loves you it’s crucial to know you are loved and many a man who wouldn’t dream of  leaving his wallet on the corner of Times Square in NY City leaves his wife by herself much of the time. Marriage is considered to give women an identity but sometimes its costs them one instead, and many women who’ve been raised to believe they will find fulfillment through a man think the man has failed when he doesn’t give them what they think he should.


Women whom the Fifties fashioned after Sleeping Beauty, expecting to be awakened with a kiss, often got kissed and then they married without fully waking up, so they think the prince who kissed them must be a frog disguised and question the man but not the myth.


The romantic myth is so strong that it survives the wear and tear of marriage by simply detaching from it and floating up on ahead, and women who are rather fond of the men, they married, as well as ones who are not, go through life with a bag packed for the day when the shining knight on a white charger arrives , just in case he does.

3 thoughts on “married women and other men

  1. “Sometimes when no gods exist to believe in we invent one so that we may have one in which to believe.”

    That is a great line and explains exactly how I feel about religion today.

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