daily life… struggles and the need of the New

We struggle so often to want the new..the new job..the new appliance..the new relationship and yet when we finally do pursue the New..we are so often caught up in the tyranny of the past..the past..comparision of the new potential lover to the old one..the baggage of the past..that the new person has no reason to inherit..or fix..and yet we want to start anew..and yet so many times we are stuck in the legacy of our emotional past..the time is right to just let it go…
let go..say it three times..”I can let go” Yes I can
It’s time to let go of the past, to release that which no longer serves our growth, and to rebuild upon a new foundation.  We are all healers, and this is a great opportunity to transform our lives in a way that will nourish our soul.
We need not be guilty of creating a life of happiness.  There is no need to hurt those who have limited us in freeing ourselves.  And, in some cases, we may need to break free from a career, a job, a relationship, or even family in order to create the life we want.  However, most letting go is not usually burning a bridge, but often letting go is an inside job:  letting go might mean changing our belief pattern, a way we process emotion, or how we view life.
It is important to take inventory of our positives and negatives prior to ever making a decision to let go of the past.  I recommend getting out a notebook and writing these lists down.
Who and what is affecting us positively?  Who and what is affecting us negatively?  If a person, job, or family member — even a lover — is putting us down frequently, then we may be wise to address the issue with them and/or either create change in that relationship or distance ourselves from them.  
One way to let go of the past is to remove or revise our expectations that created conflict… and in the letting go..can you even try to build the new future that you so deeply deserve…

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