the truth to me life is not about….



See to me life isnt about money, or fame, or power..or anything superficial…& the only thing worth achieving is finding oneself and leading a righteous happy life. simplicity is valued and less is more. Finding beauty in mere understanding. having passion for something. thats all. I dont want to envied, I dont want to lead. I just want to be appreciated for what I contribute. Trying to make sense of all the chaos…it never makes sense.  The beauty of falling in love, is that you don’t need them. you choose to be with them. you’d be fine without them, they’d be fine without you, but together things are just so much sweeter

3 thoughts on “the truth to me life is not about….

  1. I try to be as simple as possible. I say what’s on my mind and I don’t mince words. It is ironic that in today’s society, we are offered so much in the name of convenience and though some of it actually helps makes our day to day tasks easier to manage, much of it is overcomplicated, driven at break-neck speeds by our own impatience and need for immediate satisfaction. People never take the time to enjoy the moment anymore and it makes me long for days gone by.

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