swans life and rules of engagement



Rules..rules..those damn rules..and some swans

 When it comes to the rules you have about how life should be or how other people shold behave, my theory is that the less you have the easier it is to be happy. Why? Because when you impose unrealistic expectations on people and on life you not only reduce the likelihood of disappointment but you also let go of unnecessary stresses and false demands.


Instead of always trying to channel life, ease up and go with the flow. Enjoy what comes our way. Try your hardest to accept people for what and who they are and try not to force them into your little mold..celebrate their individual differences…


Greet life’s surprises with joy and excitement, and you’ll come up with a more fulfilling life than was ever written in the rules..which by the way were written by someone else with their own life filters on…lol


I was out at a beach house last summer  and saw some swans..Mom and Dad and four..little “ugly swans” they are brownish grey when they are babies..but saw that each of the four swan babies were using they own set of rules..to follow Mom and dad..one would veer to right..the other to the left..one straight ahead..but in the end they all got to where they were going..swans..we could learn a lot about rules from our fine feathered friends..

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